Celtianna Duk is a realist painter who has a passion for nature and the beauty of outer space.

Celtianna Duk was born in 1997 in the west end of Montreal. Today, she works out of her studio in a commercial building in the same area.

It was clear from a very young age that she possessed an exceptional talent for light, colour and movement. Apparently, art was going to be of great importance. At the age of six, she started illustrations for a young adult adventure novella entitled "The Firestorm Heart". Celtianna produced 85 water colors to accent the story and the publication took an editor's choice award from I universe (publishing company). After seeing a documentary on outer space at the age of 8, she became inspired to do interstellar scenes. Nebulae and alien landscapes fascinated the young artist, at 11 years of age she began working with photoshop and a Wacom intuous tablet. "The Ice Bridge" was one of these early digital works. It was later published as the cover to her highschool's agenda in her gratuating year. In her 14th year she began to experiment with airbrush and spray painting. She created many beautiful works that caught the attention of the public. This was an important year for her as her commissions started to flow in regularly. She came to the decision that art would be her life and she would dedicate herself to the pursuit of this career. "The White Rose" was the commission that took her to another level. This beautiful 18 X 30 oil begat a string of floral commissions and gave her recognition as a gifted young artist. Her command of light, colour and texture particularly in the water droplets on flowers, amazed everyone that saw them. At 15, she started to paint and draw even more realistically. She felt that it was time to really observe the world. She began to focus on the science of colour and lighting, learning about the illusions in nature. She maintains she is still learning about this subject, and likes realism because it helps her to understand the natural world and keeps her true to her observations.

She developed her technique by painting and drawing constantly from early childhood. She liked to watch other people paint. If she wants to see how something is done, she looks at a photograph. She is instinctively able to decide what brush to use and how. According to her, "In realism, all details are present". If asked about her training she will tell you "Absolutely none". She is self taught by observing objects, light, texture, colour and composition.

Mediums :

Celtianna works mainly with oils and pastels. She also works with spray paints, airbrush, acrylic, water colour, digital painting, graphite and pencil. Mission as an Artist Celtianna Duk wants to share the world she sees and how she interprets it. She wants nothing more than to make a living at what she loves doing most.